The Indo American Hospital provides skilled physical, occupational and speech/language therapy services for adults and children with a range of Neurological disorders. Our comprehensive treatment approach includes addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological components of each patient. Our team evaluates each patient focusing on movement patterns, strength, flexibility, functional ability, balance, and tone. Therapists work closely as a team with physicians, specialists and family members to adapt each treatment as patient progresses toward reaching each goal

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Dr. Biju Ravindran
Senior Consultant Neuro Physiatrist

neuro-rehab-services-kerala Qualifications :


Dr. Biju Ravindran graduated in Medicine from the Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala University, in 1992. He has completed his D.P.M.R. and D.N.B from Trivandrum Medical College.  He started his practice as the consultant Physiatrist in Indo American Hospital from 2000. He is currently the Senior Consultant Neuro Physiatrist and Head of the Department of Neuro Rehabilitation. Dr. Biju Ravindran, an expert in Neuro Rehabilitation is one of the leading practitioners in South India . Dr. Biju has special interests in the management of Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy and Nerve Palsy.


Dr. Biju Ravindran

Senior Consultant Neuro Physiatrist

Being the pioneers in this field , we have been  rehabilitating  thousands of spinal cord injury, Stroke, Brain injury and CP patients in the last 15 years.The department   can deal with the rehabilitation of all neuro musculoskeletal disabilities. It  has a pain clinic using physical modalities of treatment and the speech therapy wing will give speech and language and swallowing training.The paediatric rehabilitation wing will deal with  rehabilitation of all developmental delays like CP. Each patient’s treatment protocol will be planned in detail by specialists and executed by the team members to get maximum functional independence at the time of discharge. The department has a well equipped air conditioned therapeutic gymnasium.

Working in close association with the Department we have the College of Physiotherapy which gives training for Bachelors and Masters degree in Physiotherapy with special emphasis in Neuro Physiotherapy 


Services Offered In The Physiotherapy Department

The physiotherapy department, a highly specialized one in rehabilitation,

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