Dr Kumar Bahuleyan
Founder, Visionary and Philanthropist

"I was born with nothing. I was an untouchable. The people of this village brought me up. The State gave me education. I have now earned so much in life and I am giving it back to the people, all that I have earned in my life.

Every one who come to this hospital should get the best treatment available anywhere in the world and, no one should be denied treatment here because he does not have the money to pay."

To Know more about Dr Kumar Bahuleyan

Born in abject poverty, in Chemmanakary, a remote village in India, Kumar Bahuleyan rose to become the first Neuro-Surgeon from the State of Kerala, the first Neuro-Surgeon of the Indian Defence Forces, and one of the best Neuro-Surgeons in New York where he had a long and successful practice. But unlike most others, money never made him happy; the sufferings of his countrymen, still in abject poverty, made him leave all the riches and fame, come back to his native village and donate all the wealth that he had earned to the poor and those who were not as fortunate. That was the beginning of BCF India. The saga of his long and journey from rags to riches, and his final sacrifice is portrayed in several articles on him, the doctor with a mission, and available on the Internet...

The Hospital has been providing yeomen service to the poor and weaker sections of the society. As per the wishes of its founder, being a charitable organization dedicated to quality of service, the charges in the hospital are also kept low and affordable so that even the poorest of the poor can come and get the best treatment. All the profits from the hospital are put in a Trust Fund to provide cash support to the poor for paying their hospital bills. BCF also runs a Nursing College and a Physiotherapy College attached to the hospital where the children from the village is offered education and livelihood for their social and economic development at a concessional cost. The profit from all these institutions also go for the treatment of the poor. The hospital employs about 300 people mostly from the village and surrounding rural area and is the biggest employer and social reformer of the area. IAH is managed by a team of qualified professionals reporting to a Board of Directors consisting of independent persons from different sections of the society

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