Rooted on the medical excellence of renowned doctors, state of the art facilities & efficient services, Indo American Hospital welcomes international patients to avail the best Brain & Spine treatments in India. As a healthcare provider we understand the hardships our patients and their families face when seeking care abroad, particularly the stress caused when traveling with an illness. IAH has an exclusive wing setup to cater to all the needs of the International patients who come for treatment, and make their stay comfortable and homely.

We recommend International patients who plan to visit India for medical treatment purposes to follow these simple steps to ensure a hassle free process. At the outset we identify a coordinator who will be assigned to you, from the time you land in India and all through the entire stay. In fact the patient coordinator's work begins way before you land in India.

The steps taken to ensure a hassle free process is as follows:

  • Medical Reports

    The patient´s medical reports should be given to the Patient coordinator as soon as the patient shows interest in seeking a medical opinion from a relevant medical practitioner.

  • Medical Opinion

    The coordinator consults with the treating/ referral doctor and takes medical opinion on diagnosis, treatment recommended, stay required in hospital and for review, estimated cost of treatment all inclusive, post discharge care and visit for review in 6/12 months.

  • Patient Consent

    Patient should confirm that he / she will avail treatment at IAH.

  • Visa Facilitation

    Once the patient confirmation is received our team sends Visa Facilitation Letter to the concerned Indian High Commission in the patient's native country. Followed by letter to the patient, his/her attendants close visa formalities.

  • Arrival Confirmation

    The Patient should confirm arrival date and time to the International Patient´s Coordinator who then sends a letter confirming doctor's appointment, accommodation booking, etc.

  • Patient Admission

    The Patient arrives at the hospital and admission formalities are completed. As the patient´s medical records are already there it becomes much easier to complete the admission procedures.

  • Accommodation Facilities

    Indo American Hospital has suitable deluxe rooms to stay and a resort available in vicinity of the hospital. Kalathil Lake Resort located near Indo American Hospital is an option for international patients & their by-standers to stay in a stress free environment. We provide assistance in booking for good & economically suitable accommodation depending on the patient´s choice.

  • FRRO Assistance

    As all international patients & their by-standers need to be registered with the local authority- Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival. (For Pakistan and Bangladesh patients – Residents of these countries need to register their arrival in the nearest Police Station/ Commissioner´s Office within 24 hours of their arrival). Our International Patient Services Coordinator will assist you in your registration at FRRO.

  • Treatment Plan

    A detailed plan of treatment is given to the patient after he/she undergoes initial evaluation & consultation by the treating doctor.

  • Treatment

    Patient undergoes most effective treatments/surgery at the hospital under the surveillance of skilled doctors, nurses & para medical staff.

  • Discharge Procedure

    Settlement of bills should be done by Patient before being discharged. It can be done either in cash or bank transfer.

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