Kodikunnil Suresh MP


Indo American Hospital is one of the prestigious hospital in Kerala.I have visited this hospital first time. I have got best impression about the hospital. The relation with staff and doctors is very good and appreciable. I hope this hospital will be one of the best hospitals in the country.

Mr. Chintan Buddhadev


On arriving at this hospital we were surprised of such a hospital in small town but the doctors and staff proved that they are best in the world. No matter where they situated. We received results beyond our expectations. Very much thankful to whole family.

Rajeev S Pillai


We are very thankful to INDO AMERICAN HOSPITAL ALL STAFF. Because, our mother’s life was given back from here. So how to say thanks… We don’t know. God helped us to decide to get treatment from here. Once again thanks to all members of this Hospital.

Aji Mathew


I am totally impressed with the system especially from the management team.

Ahmed Abdulla


I found good perspective from here & thanks a lot and hope next time to see them. Thanks once again.

K Premnath

Eloor, Cochin

The services rendered by the doctors, nurses and other staff of the hospital are unparalleled and excellent. The behaviour of the hospital staff and doctors itself will help to cure half the diseases of the patients. I have no hesitation to say that the hospital is on rise as one of first foremost hospital in the country.

Jessy Pradeep Mol

With lot of hope and prayer we walked in to the hospital with our Baby Latifa. Still iam feeling the warmish welcome from the whole hospital crew gave us, really felt like our home.
Dr. Jeevan was more than a doctor for my baby Latifa, he was like her own brother. In our very first meeting itself doctor promised me that he can cure my baby as divine as an angel. And now we are so happy about Latifa´s current status and we are so thankful to Dr.Jeevan, he kept full justice to his promise.
We never seen how a shell holds a pearl, but we found it when Reshmi holds our Baby Latifa. We cant forget her, what she provided to my baby was beyond words.
Not only Dr. Jeevan & Reshmi, all other doctors, Nurses, physiotherapists and whole crew in the hospital, we are so thankful to them for their heartily corporation and care, they treated my baby like a princess. They not just done treatment for our baby, but also gave proper informations and guidance about every treatment and taught us how to do the follow-up treatment that we are supposed to do at our home. Truly we are satisfied with the treatment.
Really Indo-American hospital gave a new Direction to our life. Now we are confident about our babies future.
Defenitely we will refer this hospital to every one in our contact, because we have 100% faith and confidence with his hospital.

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