Patient Rights

It is the policy of Indo American Hospital to respect the individual rights of all persons who come to this facility for healthcare. Patient rights include the right to make decisions regarding medical care, the right to accept or refuse treatment, and the right to formulate advance directives (written instructions, like a living will or durable power of attorney for health care as recognized by law in the state of Kerala). Patient responsibilities include those actions on the part of patients required so that healthcare providers can provide appropriate care, make accurate and responsible care decisions, address patients' needs, and maintain a good health care facility.

Patients Responsibilities

The patient and families have the responsibility to comply with hospital rules & regulations and co-operate with the hospital staff to perform their duties. The patients are responsible to:  

Be considerate of others 

Patients & their families have the responsibility to be mutually considerate and respectful of other patients and hospital staff and to see that your visitors are considerate as well, particularly with regard to noise level and the no-smoking policy. Many patients require a quiet atmosphere for management of their health problems. Please do not play your television or radio loudly. You are also expected to be respectful of the property of others and the property of the hospital.

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