Zeihm Vision RFD 3D C - ARM

What is C-ARM?

A mobile C-arm is a medical imaging device that is based on X-ray technology and can be used flexibly in various ORs within a clinic. The name is derived from the C-shaped arm used to connect the X-ray source and X-ray detector to one another.

A C-arm comprises a generator (X-ray source) and an image intensifier or flat-panel detector. The C-shaped connecting element allows movement horizontally, vertically and around the swivel axes, so that X-ray images of the patient can be produced from almost any angle. The generator emits X-rays that penetrate the patient´s body. The image intensifier or detector converts the X-rays into a visible image that is displayed on the C-arm monitor. The doctor can identify and check anatomical details on the image such as blood vessels, bones, kidney stones and the position of implants and instruments at any time.

Main Features of Zeihm Vision RFD 3D C-ARM

  • Ziehm Vision RFD 3D is the only 3D C-arm worldwide with flat-panel technology that provides a 16 cm edge length per scan volume. It combines 2D and 3D functionality to offer maximum ease-of-use. Available with a 30 cm x 30 cm flat-panel, the C-arm offers game-changing 3D imaging and is ideally suited for orthopedics, traumatology and spinal surgery, but also for demanding cardio-vascular hybrid applications.
  • CT-like reconstruction with ZIR (Ziehm Iterative Reconstruction).
  • Scan volume of 16 cm edge length for optimized visualization.
  • Patented SmartScan technology.
  • Full control of 4 motorized axes via the Position Control Center (joystick module) and touchscreen.
  • Pulsed monoblock generator with up to 25 kW performance.
  • Removable grid for dose reduction can be mounted to the flat-panel detector at any time with just one click.
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