Allen Advance Table

Positioning on the surgical table is one of the most important steps in any spinal surgical procedure. The "prone position" has traditionally been and remains the most common position used.

During a spine surgery the major issue that the surgeon faces is to limit the trauma caused due to patient movement i.e. shifting patient from supine position to prone position. This is where Allen Advance table comes handy where we can easily rotate the table top 360 degree so that we don’t have to lift the patient in order to change him/her to prone position.

The Allen Advance table is made of wholly translucent carbon fiber (for X-Ray control). It can hold patients weighing up to 272 kg. It includes electronic technology to enable effortless mobility for the medical and paramedical staff within the surgery area.

This table is used to optimize and reduce surgery time by up to 50% in most of cases. It radically improves lung ventilation of patients and reduces thrombus-embolic problems and surgical bleeding by up to 70%.


  • Proper for surgery of the whole spinal column (cranio-cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral).
  • Modern user interface helps the user to understand the current state of the table.
  • Central locking castors controlled directly from the pendant.
  • Patient is suspended from feet to head.
  • Electronic control enables patient movement of up to 360°.

Benefits during surgery

  • Maximum application for surgery of disc hernia, tumors, spinal deformity, microsurgery, bone fractures, disc prosthesis, instrumentation by using pedicle screws, etc.
  • Total visualization for the spine surgeon of any spinal column condition.
  • Total radiological control visualization of the spinal column during surgery in real time.
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