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When to visit a dermatologist?

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These days pollution has reached peak high and this has started affecting our body especially the skin as it gets exposed to the elements more. The summer heat, winter cold, monsoon dampness all create havoc on your skin giving rise to skin conditions which you may not be able to handle with home remedies. Now is the right time to schedule an appointment at a skin clinic and get things checked! Schedule an appointment at BCF Skin Clinic, an Indo American Hospital initiative at Cochin & get an expert medical consultation for your condition. Our skilled dermatologists will examine you and provide the correct treatment.

It is significant to comprehend doubtful marks on the skin, like new or changing moles and other skin conditions. Do not overlook them. Contact our clinic today for an assessment.

Here’s a rundown on what signs and symptoms might call for the attention of a skin doctor…

Severe acne

Acne is the cause of frustration for many people especially the younger generation. However, at times it may become severe and require medical attention. Acne can often leave acne scars, mental as well as physical, that can be difficult to remove.  Fortunately, acne scars can be treated and reduced considerably with certain treatments. A Dermatologist can help you in the diagnosis and treatment of acne and clear your skin permanently.

A recurrent or prolonged rash

A rash that does not go away on its own can be an indication of a skin condition like eczema or some allergic reaction. If you have a recurrent or prolonged rash, get it assessed by the expert dermatologists at BCF Skin Clinic and get the apt treatment.

Yellow or fragile fingernails or toenails

Yellow and fragile nails are mostly indicators of a fungal infection, which might require antibiotics to get cured. If you are experiencing these symptoms, visit a dermatologist right away.

A mole or freckle that has changed in appearance

If you observe a mole or freckle on your skin that has altered in size, shape, color or texture, time to urgently get a medical assessment from an experienced dermatologist.  Chances are it may be Skin cancer which is not something to be considered frivolously. Timely detection can save your life when it comes to Skin Cancer.

Difficult skin conditions

Due to hormonal shifts and pregnancy blotchy skin may develop. There are many other skin conditions like a cut that will not cure or bumps that will not go away which necessitate a visit to the dermatologist. These can be indications that something is not right.

Annual skin exams are a notable way to keep up with the skin variations and are vital for timely detection of serious skin conditions like Skin Cancer. You yourself will feel that a skin condition needs assessment. Do not hesitate to contact a skin doctor when the need arises.

The services of skin specialists at BCF Skin Clinic are available to you at reasonable rates. Contact us to know more…

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