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Epilepsy – Myths and Facts

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world. Epilepsy surges electrical activity in the brain that can cause recurring seizures. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition, and the hallmark of this condition is recurrent and unprovoked seizures.  Approximately 5-10 out of 1000 people suffer from epilepsy globally. A person is said to have epilepsy if they have at least two seizures that were caused by some unknown reasons. Though the seizures in epilepsy could be related to…

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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Brain?

Damages! That’s all that alcohol does to the brain. And this is coincidentally the primary reason why alcohol consumers use it in the first place. Alcohol shuts off certain processes in the brain and numbs the person as well, ultimately causing damage. Slurred speech, impulsive behaviour, poor memory, and slowed reflexes are some of the notable characteristics of someone under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol consumption can be quite pleasant to experience during the moment, but it’s important to be…

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