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Living healthy with Diabetes

Having Diabetes doesn’t mean you cannot live healthy! As you grow older the risk for Type 2 Diabetes increases but with proper management, you can live a long, happy and active life.

What is Diabetes?
It is a medical condition when your body does not make enough insulin or use it well. This means glucose in your food cannot be used as energy & it stays in your blood. High blood glucose can cause problems like eye, kidney, nerve, and foot disorders. People with diabetes also run the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke and other serious conditions. To date, there is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed by balancing the food you eat with exercise and medicine (if prescribed). It will help you control your weight and can keep your blood glucose in the healthy range. This can help prevent or delay Diabetes complications.

Taking care of your diabetes
–> Your daily Diabetes care is up to you. Day-to- day care includes:
–> Choosing what, how much, and when to eat
–> Getting active
–> Checking your blood glucose regularly
–> Taking medicines as prescribed
–> Quitting smoking
–> Going for medical appointments
–> Learning all you can about diabetes

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Complications
Having diabetes puts you through some serious health problems. The good news – by managing your Diabetes you may be able to prevent complications. Here are the most common Diabetes complications; if you think you may be developing any of them, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

 Cardiovascular disease – Heart and blood vessel disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

 Diabetic Retinopathy – Eye disease from Diabetes is known as People with diabetes also have a high risk for eye problems like glaucoma, cataracts, and blindness. Have your eyes checked once a year.
 Nephropathy – Kidney disease which can damage the Kidneys’ ability to filter out the body’s waste products.
 Neuropathy – Nerve disease may cause tingling, pain, or weakness in the feet and hands. If not properly treated, it can lead to amputation. May cause digestive problems, like feeling full early, unpredictable blood Glucose levels,
Diarrhoea, or constipation. Nerve disease can cause sexual problems in both men and women.

If you are not meeting your goals for Blood Sugar, Blood pressure and Cholesterol, talk to your doctor about changing your treatment plan. Live healthy…

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