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How to identify and seek treatment for PTSD associated with stoke

PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder occur mostly after external traumatic events like military combat, physical assault or near-death experience and is also becoming commonly recognized after internal events such as stroke or heart attack. 

Causes and signs of PTSD After Stroke

The development of PTSD after stroke is becoming more common than previously thought. About 25% of individuals who survive a stroke, reported to have developed PTSD, according to a meta-analysis of 9 post-stroke studies.

Signs and of PTSD after stroke:

  • Recurrent thoughts of the traumatic event
  • Avoiding thoughts or situations or people associated with the event
  • Isolating oneself from others
  • Feeling detached or easily irritable
  • Anxiety and trouble sleeping
  • Anger outbursts


The recovery process of a stroke survivor begins after a successful stroke treatment. After the first stroke, it can create anxiety on the individual about the possibility of getting a second stroke.

PTSD develops in an individual after a stroke when these fears and changes in life circumstances happen. Someone with PTSD after a stroke often feels intense fear, helplessness, or horror in the response of the  event.

If the symptoms last longer than a month, then the person is said to be a victim of PTSD. Usually the symptoms of PTSD ranges from 3 days to 1 month, and is considered as an acute stress disorder. Never, waste time thinking about the condition, instead consider booking an appointment with us for expert treatment.

Happy news is that there are treatments that help individuals cope with PTSD after stroke, in a more effective way.

The conventional methods of post traumatic stress disorders associated with stroke include psychotherapy and medications. Supplement treatment methods like medication and counselling can provide enhanced therapeutic benefits. 


Dealing effectively with PTSD after a stroke enables the survivor to look within and develop inner strength.

Positive changes happen in these 5 areas:

  • Afresh appreciation for life
  • Discovering of possibilities for themselves
  • Improved personal strength
  • Better relationships
  • Spiritual satisfaction

Final Thoughts

“Grow through what you go through”  is a famous stroke quote. This embodies the thought for post-traumatic growth, and how the survivors should take their trauma and related hardship and use it positively to become stronger after a stroke.

Post-traumatic growth can only be experienced when survivors can persevere through the hardships that accompany a stroke recovery. Equal support from family, clinical staff and caretakers are recommended for favourable results and changes. Consider scheduling your appointment with us.  

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