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Best Stroke Rehabilitation Centers Kerala Best Stroke Treatment Kerala Stroke Rehabilitation Hospitals Kerala

How to identify and seek treatment for PTSD associated with stoke

PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder occur mostly after external traumatic events like military combat, physical assault or near-death experience and is also becoming commonly recognized after internal events such as stroke or heart attack.  Causes and signs of PTSD After Stroke The development of PTSD after stroke is becoming more common than previously thought. About 25% of individuals who survive a stroke, reported to have developed PTSD, according to a meta-analysis of 9 post-stroke studies. Signs and of PTSD after…

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Best Stroke Rehabilitation Centers Kerala Best Stroke Treatment Kerala Stroke Rehabilitation Hospitals Kerala

All That You Need To Know About Stroke and Stroke Treatment

Best Stroke Treatment

Stroke can be described as an emergency medical condition that presents suddenly and one which requires immediate medical attention. One of the leading conditions in India that causes death and disability is due to stroke. Therefore, it is very important to keep informed of its conditions and symptoms which can lead to timely attention and treatment.  Stroke is a cardiovascular accident, wherein the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain is interrupted. A blockage in a blood vessel or a…

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Physiotherapy – the drug free treatment for relieving pain

Best Physiotherapy Treatment in Kerala

Want to get back to normal living after a sports injury, arthritis, asthma, stroke attack? Try out Physiotherapy… Physiotherapy has been acclaimed worldwide as the treatment of injuries, pain, muscle and ligament fractures without the use of drugs. With effective therapies and exercises it helps the patient to recover naturally and efficiently.  Physiotherapists are trained professionals who are trained to help people to restart and get back to normal life by restoring the strength and function of the body. They…

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Best Stroke Rehabilitation Centers Kerala Stroke Rehabilitation Hospitals Kerala

Living healthy with Diabetes

Having Diabetes doesn’t mean you cannot live healthy! As you grow older the risk for Type 2 Diabetes increases but with proper management, you can live a long, happy and active life. What is Diabetes? It is a medical condition when your body does not make enough insulin or use it well. This means glucose in your food cannot be used as energy & it stays in your blood. High blood glucose can cause problems like eye, kidney, nerve, and…

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