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Should we ignore ear infections in kids?

It’s the middle of the night and your kid is growing restless. He complains of ear pain and as a mother, you feel the pain and are in a helpless state. But now there’s no need to be so.  Fix up an appointment with the ENT specialist at Indo American Hospital, one of the best ENT Hospitals in Kerala and get a thorough check-up done.

It is quite common for kids to have an earache during winter or after catching a cold. It is often misjudged as a throat infection. Earache is accompanied by swollen throat and irritation in the nose.  These are generally a result of the ear infection which originates just behind the eardrum in the Eustachian Canal, which connects the upper throat to the ear. This is why ear infection affects the nose and throat altogether. The infection becomes irritating and may stay for several weeks if not immediately taken care of. At times, fever may also arise as the infection is viral and also causes severe headaches. Viral infection soon starts affecting other organs.  It may affect the taste sensation and kids may even refuse food. An untreated ear infection can spread to other parts of the ear and head and potentially cause problems with hearing and balance. If you suspect an ear infection definitely consult an ENT and find out the best ear infection remedies.

Outer ear infection can be handled with ear drops prescribed by the ENT specialist but if the infection spreads inside the skin, it can cause a much bigger harm. If your internal ear is affected by the infection, surgery is the only resort in most cases.

Be sure to take other steps that can help ease ear infection symptoms. These include:

  •        Drinking lots of fluids.
  •        Getting rest.
  •        Using a mist vaporizer or saline rinse to clear congestion (for a cold virus).

And if your doctor prescribes antibiotics, be sure to follow his advice promptly. Treating an ear infection in kids by following your doctor’s advice is the best way to feel better faster.

Indo American Hospital is one of the best ENT hospitals in Kerala with the latest equipment and expert ENT specialists to treat ear infections in children.  Contact us to know more…

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