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January 2023

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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Brain?

Damages! That’s all that alcohol does to the brain. And this is coincidentally the primary reason why alcohol consumers use it in the first place. Alcohol shuts off certain processes in the brain and numbs the person as well, ultimately causing damage. Slurred speech, impulsive behaviour, poor memory, and slowed reflexes are some of the notable characteristics of someone under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol consumption can be quite pleasant to experience during the moment, but it’s important to be…

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Back Pains Are All Not The Same, There Are Different Types

Back pain treatment

‘My back hurts’, and ‘I have a stiff back almost every morning’, are statements that many people commonly say as they all have a recent spell of back pain. It can often feel like many people around you or maybe even you are living with routine back pain but still have to get on with things while in pain. Living with back pain can be debilitating, but you don’t have to suffer or get along with it. Understanding the different…

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