BCF College of Physiotherapy was opened in the year 2009 offering the 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy awarded by Kerala State Medical University. It has now been recognized to train students for Master’s Degree with special emphasis on Neuro Physiotherapy, which facility is currently available only in very few centres in the State.

With a conscious effort aimed at propagating physiotherapy and to ensure the presence of skilled and professional physiotherapists.


Best practices, compassion, and familiarity with advanced technology to create an unmatched culture of excellence in the treatment of Neuro patients. With this intention BCF started the 4 year Bachelor’s degree course in nursing in the year 2008. Each year 50 nursing students pass out of this college who would have gained specialised training in Neuro care and treatment, in theatre duties and ICU.

BCF India wanted to make sure that nurses moulded by them are committed to every facet of patient care by combining scientific knowledge.


Every year one candidate with a basic MBBS degree is selected by the National Board and allotted to the hospital for a 6 year rigorous residency program consisting of practical, theory, research and examination at the end of which they are awarded the post graduate Dip. NB qualification in Neurosurgery by the National Board.

In 2010, the hospital was recognised by the National Board to train medical graduates for post graduate qualification in neurosurgery.

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